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International Space Development Conference
May 25-29, 2000



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ISDC2000 Registration Desk
ISDC2000 Registration Desk
Kartchner Caverns tour group
Kartchner Caverns tour group - May 25, 2000
Buzz Aldrin delivering Keynote Address
Apollo 11 and Gemini 12 astronaut Buzz Aldrin delivering Keynote Address - May 26, 2000
Buzz Aldrin signing books
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin book signing - May 26, 2000
Dr. John Lewis
Dr. John S. Lewis: A Resource Guide of the Solar System - May 27, 2000
NSS panel
NSS Challenge panel
NSS Executive Director Pat Dasch, Shuttle astronaut Dan Brandenstein, Jeffrey Liss
May 27, 2000
Rick Tumlinson
Space Frontier Foundation's Rick Tumlinson talking about MIR commercial partnerships - May 27, 2000
ISDC2000 lobby
Milling about during ISDC2000 - May 27, 2000
L5 Retrospective reception
Reception before L5 Retrospective dinner - May 27, 2000
View of L5 Retrospection discussion
L5 Retrospective - May 27, 2000
L5 Retrospective panel
L5 Retrospective panel
(from L to R) David Fitzsimmons (editorial cartoonist for the Arizona Daily Star), Bill Weigle, Keith Henson, Trudy Bell, Mark Hopkins, Sandy Adamson, J. Peter Vajk
May 27, 2000
Dr. Zubrin signing books
Dr. Robert Zubrin signing books at the Mars Society table - May 28, 2000
Bill Weigle and Tom Jaquish
Two very happy Conference organizers: Bill Weigle (Conference Chairman) and Tom Jaquish (Programming Chairman), after the NSS Awards Banquet - May 28, 2000
Leaving Town by Kim Poor
ISDC2000 Conference signature art: "Leaving Town" by Kim Poor - ©Kim Poor
Visit Kim Poor's online store: Novaspace Galleries
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